Health food shops in Brisbane

Mrs. Flannery's - a health food supermarket with a great variety of foods and natural products

Wray Organic - Great for organic produce and other health food items


Organic food in Brisbane

Northey St City Farm Organic Market - the best place in Brisbane to get fresh affordable organic produce

Ripe'n'raw Organic Delivery - good value organic delivery service with deliveries all over Brisbane

Quality and Organic Foods – organic depiveries in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Sol Breads - The best bread in Brisbane! Organic sourdough bread, with plenty of wheat and gluten-free options available


Water filters

Zazen Water Filters - Alkalising and mineralising water filters available for sale at Brisbane Natural Health! This is the filter we have in our waiting room. 


Health and Fitness

Yoga Baby - preconception and pregnancy yoga -  great for keeping fit and reducing stress associated with infertility

Australian School of Meditation and Yoga - free meditations, value yoga and vegetarian feasts in West End!

Transfer My Membership - buy other peoples gym memberships! Great to score a discounted price or if you want a short contract


Associations and Education Institutions

ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association – the body which our naturopaths are registered under

CAA - The  Chiropractic Association of Australia

AACMA - The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association

AAMT - Australian Massage Therapists Association

POSAA - Polycystic Ovarian Association of Australia – lots of PCOS info, forums and events calender

QENDO - The Queensland Endometriosis Association – information about endometriosis, articles and events


Other Therapists and Partners

Snap Fitness – gyms and personal trainers that work with our chiropractors to improve health and fitness

Brisbane Osteopathic Centre - High quality Osteopathic Care located in Wilston, Brisbane

Natural Instinct Healing – detox and fasting retreats in Bali, Australia and around the world.


Fertility Resources

Hypnobirthing Australia - childbirth preparation course designed to help you dismantle the fear and anxiety that can be associated with childbirth and 

Yoga Baby - preconception and pregnancy yoga -  great for keeping fit and reducing stress associated with infertility

Australian Breastfeeding Association - a fantastic resource for mothers wishing to breastfeed – you can find breastfeeding classes through this website

Australian Lactation Consultants Association - provides details of registered lactation consultants in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia wide. A must for mothers needing assistance with breastfeeding

Natural Fertility Brisbane - the sister site – information about natural fertility management and more


Baby resources – informaiton about bany led weaning - information about food additives and what you can do to avoid them - eco baby shop with nappies and more